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ZODIAC DATA SYSTEMS designs and manufactures from equipment to complete turnkey solutions for the most important and critical space applications, such as science payload reception from Deep Space probes or Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites or , in-orbit control during LEOP (Launch and Early Orbit Phase) and housekeeping operations for all satellites (LEO, MEO, GEO, ....).

Our product family  is underpinned by the Cortex Product Family, IN-SNEC Brand, market leader with our best-sellers TT&C products: Cortex CRT (Command Ranging & Telemetry) for all kind of satellites, Cortex DTR (Digital Tracking Receiver) for satellite tracking, Cortex DS (Deep Space probes tracking).
The Cortex product familiy is associated with a full RF S-Band product range, including Frequency Converters, LNA and SSPA.
All these products are fully compatible with the latest standards as CCSDS, SLE and Spread Spectrum including Turbocode and LDPC decoding.
All our products are designed for the Customer full benefit with high performance, reliability and risk free thanks to optimized industrial processes and dedicated Customer support.

At the system level, Zodiac Data Systems offers complete sub-systems with S-Band TT&C Ground Station (antenna, positioner, electronics…) associated or not with the X-Band reception station for Remote Sensing.
Each single item of these subsystems is entirely  designed and built " in-house”.

TT&C products are widely used for Communication and Digital Video Broadcast satellites in-orbit control, for the Science programs with high bit rates, but also for Deep Space probes with very noisy transmission.

Today, more then 2000 Cortex are currently in operation to control more than 300 spacecrafts